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About Us

We are a Peruvian textile company, whose purpose is to offer exclusive products of flat fabric, using fine ALPACA fibers.
We specialize in producing coats PASHMINAS, scarves and accessories, offering a complete service that covers from product development to finished garments.
We fulfill the requirements of trend and international quality generating confidence and credibility in our company. To achieve this we have a group of people trained, identified and committed, which helps to ensure the quality of our products.



Our Mission

Transforming threads of alpaca with variety of titles and colors in exclusive products of tissue level, for its subsequent distribution and marketing, where quality is our priority, finishing the product and innovation, generating value added for the most demanding customers through the human talent trained, technology, good relationship with our suppliers and our market strategies.


Our Vision

To be a company in the textile area of accessories of alpaca that stand out in tissue plane at the national and international levels with products of excellent quality, innovative and creativity for our demanding customers with solid production processes with the direction of competent and committed people with the objectives of the Organization.

The nature of the simple and sophisticated woman, makes of her tastes a natural whim, which is not only a trivial feeling, but, that is in the intimate of her being, that takes her to the fullness, when she manages to satisfy this feeling.



Our Products...


Pledge elegant dress ideal for your wardrobe, elaborated with fine fibers of Alpaca, which provides warmth and elegance.


Garment ideal to complement our style, in addition to protect us from the cold helps us look different and mark the difference.


Pledge long and narrow that gives a touch of vitality and color to your clothing, made from 100% baby alpaca.



We have accessories made with alpaca fiber from luxury, as ponchos and layers, which give a touch of color to the winter.


We produce textile products from quality alpaca yarns, we have the tools, machinery and trained personnel necessary for the production of our products.

We have a big scale of titles and colors of yarns of alpaca fiber, which allow us to produce exclusive fabrics such as coats, scarves, pashminas, ponchos and coats.

We work with companies recognized in the market at the national and international level that allow us to support them in the preparation of their different exclusive designs getting so a product of quality and innovation for the most demanding customers.


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  • Complejo Artesanal B 7 - A.S.A (Av. Las torres Cdra. 21) - Arequipa - PerĂº
  • 982 038 154 - 954 105 395

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